Feburary 9th, 2015 Indi.com Acting Challenge

I'm starting the new year off with my first indi.com acting challenge. This weeks challenge will be reviewed and voted on by CD Corbin Bronson. Once again, I had a blast shooting this short scene with my fellow acting collegues. If you like what you see, hit the vote button for me! Thanks in advance!

Click on the link below to this weeks acting challenge:



Indi.com Acting Challenge 

Recently, I was introduced to indi.com by fellow acting collegues of mine. Every week, indi.com hosts an acting challenge where all actors film the same given scene and submit for voting. The winner gets a sit down with the featured casting director of the week. This is such a great opportunity for actors. Not only to have a chance for a CD sit down, but to excersize our acting muscle every week and get our work out to the world to see.

Here is a link to my first indi.com actors challenge. Your vote would mean so much! Thanks and enjoy!





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